Racing in the Parks: Treviso parkrun and GpEcoRun

Racing in the Parks: Treviso parkrun and GpEcoRun

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parkrun Treviso is GpEcoRun, or the proof that the ran in the parks I'm more and more appreciated by those who want to stay fit in a natural environment and without forgetting the possibility of making new friends!

parkrun Treviso is the new weekly event sponsored by our site, launched a few weeks ago, and to which everyone can participate for free!

It is a 5 km run (or walk if you prefer!) Inside the Storga park, in Treviso. We meet every Saturday at 8.45 am with departure at 9 am, in via Cal di Breda, 130, in Treviso.

To immerse yourself in the green spirit of the race from the very beginning it would be preferable to reach the start by public transport rather than by car: bus number 7 that leaves from the center of Treviso will take you to S. Artemio from which the park entrance is 5 minutes walk.

parkrun Treviso: registration

If you are already registered in parkrun, all you have to do is bring your printed barcode, valid for all parkrun events in the world, if you are not yet registered, you can do it in a few minutes on the official website:

In Italy the already active parkrun events are in Milan, in the North Park, in Rimini, in the Parco della Marecchia and in Palermo, in the Parco Uditore and in the Parco della Favorita. More will be leaving soon!

The parkruns are non-competitive races but still timed and with a ranking sent to all members. So you can choose whether to interpret it as a simple "walk or jog in the green" or try to improve your personal best on 5 km every week.

parkrun Treviso: the map of the route

parkrun Treviso provides a 2.5 km route to be covered twice.

It starts from the straight, near the park entrance and on the second lap it ends about 60 meters from the parking lots. Arrival and departure are appropriately marked and manned by parkrun volunteers.

Here is the detailed description of the route and the interactive Google map:

  • Moving away from the start on the 4 m wide straight on gravel, you run next to the Provincial Center for the Recovery of Wild Fauna and the urban gardens on the left.
  • Continue straight around the gate until you reach an intersection that you cross and continue to a crossroads where you keep the left path.
  • Once at the foot of the park, 1,100 m from the start, turn left, crossing the bridge and continuing for about a hundred meters. From here continue on the main path overcoming two other bridges.
  • In this way you come to skirt the urban gardens on the left again and then cross the wood.
  • When you reach the next intersection, take the left path and, after having covered the straight, turn left again, thus approaching the starting area.

The route is flat. In the first section the path is about 4 m wide, when you enter the woods the width varies from 1.5 m to about 2 m.

parkrun Treviso: the Facebook page

parkrun Treviso is present on Facebook, like all other parkrun events, with a dedicated official page, here is the address:

You will find more information and you can contact the talented Giulia Teso, Run Director of the event.

GpEcoRun: discovering the Vettabbia Park, just outside Milan

Another appointment not to be missed for running or walking in the green is the one set for Saturday 6 May with the GpEcoRun.

Are expected two routes, 6 and 10 km long, within the Vettabbia Park which is located in front of the Monastery of Chiaravalle, on the outskirts of Milan.

The Milanese stage of GpEcoRun (the second will be on May 21, at the Cascina Darsena di Giussago, in the province of Pavia) is part of the event "The Valley of the Monks for Food City“, Two days of initiatives related to food, environment and sociality conceived by the Valle dei Monaci Social Lab, a network of companies that have been active for years in promoting this territory.

This year the GpEcoRun will host and supportAicra (, a non-profit organization committed to spreading knowledge on a topic such as that of craniosostenosis (children born without a fountain) and which affects 1 case out of 2,200 live births.

GpEcoRun: registration

It is possible to pre-register for GpEcoRun on the official website or at "Open More than book" in Viale Montenero 6 in Milan. The cost of registration is 5 Euros for adults and free for children under 18.

For the first 300 registered there will be a rich race pack. Other prizes will still be awarded to all members.

GpEcoRun: zero impact racing

The philosophy of GpEcoRun is to set "foot" in the Italian Green Municipalities and to visit paths, parks, cycle paths in the heart of small - large cities that animate the sustainability.

The GpEcorun are therefore non-competitive gears that allow competitors to participate in zero-impact initiatives. With the advice ofEcoIstitute of Bolzano, in fact, all the CO2 produced by the organization and participation in the competition will be calculated and compensated by delivering seeds of native plants to the competitors to grow with care.

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