How to increase the pH of the marine aquarium

How to increase the pH of the marine aquarium

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How to increase the pH of the marine aquarium:instructions and tips for changing the pH in salt water to always have an optimal pH reaction for corals and fish.What to do if the pH is lowand how to raise the kh in the marine aquarium. Guide for newbies.

Typically, the world of aquarists splits in two. On the one hand there are those who wonder how to have a low pH (the freshwater aquarium must have a pH with values ​​close to neutrality, 6.8 - 7) and on the other there are those who find themselves with alow pHand wantsraise the pH of the marine aquarium. On this page I will focus on the latter case and explain to youhow to raise the kh in a marine aquarium(so how to raise the pH).

What is the pH

The pH is a simple measure, it tells you how acidic or basic your water is. In a marine aquarium, the pH value should tend to be alkaline, with a pH between 8 and 8.4. PH values ​​around 7.6 are dangerously at the limit, especially if you have set up a coral reef in your marine aquarium.

In addition, it is important to try to keep the pH values ​​constant as peaks (rises or falls) can stress corals and fish that could get sick.

Low pH marine aquarium

If the pH of your marine aquarium is low, it means that something is wrong and you must intervene promptly, especially if there are already corals and fish inside the tank.

If you resolve to lower nitrates by making periodic water changes, changing the pH may not be so simple. First of all, check all the values, if the only one that does not return is the pH, then act by increasing the kh with special compounds that increase the hardness of the water so as to make the aquarium more alkaline.

Not everyone knows, but… even your light can cause a drop in pH. The pH, in fact, varies a lot according to the light and also varies according to the biological processes that take place in the tank. Under physiological conditions, in a marine aquarium, in the evening, the pH will be higher and in the morning slightly lower pH values ​​will be recorded. But what to do if the pH is so low that it tends towards nutritional values?

Try to research the causes. The pH is lowered due to those compounds that increase the hydrogen ion concentration. Seawater naturally contains dissolved chemicals such as calcium, borate, bicarbonate, hydroxide (which increase the hardness of the water) ... these are substances that act to maintain a stable and basic pH. In a small tank, keeping all the compounds in equilibrium is very difficult and an excessive production of carbon dioxide can lower the pH of the water. Insufficient water movement (are there movement pumps?) With a lack of gas exchange can also cause a low pH.

In your small aquarium, you can increase the pH by adding similar substances so as to increase the kh, increase thehardnessof water.

If the pH tells you the acidity or basicity of a solution, kH is a value that gives you an idea of ​​the hardness of the water.

How to increase the pH of the marine aquarium

If the pH is only slightly low, you can perform gradual water changes so as todabthe hydrogen ion concentration with sea water. With water changes, the pH change is very slow, so this method forincrease the pH of the marine aquariumit is only valid if the pH is slightly lower.

If the pH values ​​are around 7.6, you can act by adding carbonate-based compounds that have the ability to increase the pH even by values ​​of 0.3 for each treatment. Know that the treatments must always be gradual in order not to cause too much stress to the fish.

Products to raise the kh and increase the pH of the marine aquarium

As mentioned, there are ready-to-use products on the market that can help you increase the pH of your marine aquarium. How to use them? Each product has its own methods of use.

For example, Seachem's Reef Buffer, sold in powder form, is very popular. 5 grams of this powder can trigger a pH increase of 0.1 in a 150 liter tank. On “this Amazon page” you will find different packages of the Reef Buffer.

There are many supplements able to increase kH (and, consequently, raise the pH), besides the Reef Buffer, I point out the kH Sicce supplement that allows you to increase carbonates and borates and the Nyos Alkalinity that can be found on offer on Amazon at the price of 13.20 euros with free shipping costs. For all information on the product, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

How to use?

First of all, read the label, because each manufacturer has its own formulation and doses. Take the appropriate amount of product proportional to the pH increase you want to obtain.

Absolutely do not put the dust directly into the aquarium!

Take about 500ml of water from your aquarium. Dissolve the powder in this small amount of water. Add the water, in small doses, to your aquarium, perhaps by pouring it near a movement pump or the filter spout so as to disperse it as quickly as possible in the aquarium.

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