Growing tomatoes in pots, the guide

Growing tomatoes in pots, the guide

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How to grow tomatoes in pots: pot size, cultivation at home or on the balcony, pruning, fertilizer and all the useful tips for growing tomatoes in pots.

Do you want grow tomatoes on the balcony or terrace of your house? THE tomatoes are excellent plants from jar. They also adapt well to containers of moderate size. On this page we will see all the tips forgrow tomatoeven in small spaces such as the balcony of the house.

How to grow tomatoes in pots

There tomato cultivation in pots it's very easy and fun, not to mention the satisfaction and pleasure of being able to eat something grown with your own hands. Here how to grow tomatoes in pots in an easy way.

When growing tomatoes

The period: The best month to pot tomato seedlings is May, just buy them in nurseries or consortia. Those who want to start from the seed can sow in a protected environment from the month of March and arrange for planting in May.

The optimal temperature for the development of tomato plants is between 20 and 22 ° C but this plant also tolerates low temperatures well. It dies below 2-3 ° C and continues to thrive even with minimum temperatures of 12 - 13 ° C. If you want to sow tomatoes directly in pots, keep these temperatures in mind before taking the pot outdoors.

Which tomato variety to grow in pots

Generally the seedlings to be grown in pots are those of reduced size and determined growth. For the variety you can choose the cherry tomato (always with specific growth), or a variety with larger size, such as "San Marzano" or "Cuore di bue", all suitable for sauces and salads.

How big should the pot be?

Since it is not possible to stack the seedlings in a small space, it would be advisable to place a single plant in a pot with a size of 30 cm. Alternatively, you can choose the classic planters and grow more plants in rectangular pots, leaving 40 cm of space between one plant and another. When several plants compete for the same substrate it is always advisable to leave a certain margin of growth.

Which soil is best suited for growing tomatoes in pots?

It is preferable to choose a soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.8, rich in organic matter or compost. It is important to choose a soil rich in nitrogen (fertile soil, or add compost or mature manure to the universal soil).

Do Potted Tomatoes Need Pruning?

No, if you have chosen a fixed-growth variety you will not have to prune anything. The only useful precaution is to eliminate any dry or damaged jets.

During the growth period it is advisable to remove those leaves that grow between the stem and the shoot to allow the plant to concentrate its forces in the production of fruits.

Where to put the potted tomato?

Place the pots in a sunny area: this is the best solution to obtain a good production of tomatoes.

How to grow tomatoes in pots

1) Fill the pots two thirds with soil then pot the tomato seedlings with an inclination of the stem of 45 degrees at a distance of at least 12 centimeters from each other: the tomato plant will begin to grow straight upwards in a few days.

2) Cover up to half of the plant with more soil and water making sure that the soil is well impregnated with water.

3) After the plant has reached a certain height, insert a support necessary to keep it upright and keep the branches with the fruits raised.

From mid-June, the flowers will swell to become juicy ripe fruit.

Irrigate the potted tomato

During the entire growth period of the plant it is good to water the soil at least twice a week making sure not to let the earth dry out.

Do not wet the leaves because humidity favors the appearance of fungal diseases. Always water in the coolest hours of the day, preferably after sunset.

Important information to understand when to water potted tomatoes: to understand if the plant needs more water just observe the state of the leaves, if they are straight and bright green they are watering themselves correctly if they are shriveled or dull, you need to increase the doses.

Having a vegetable garden on your balcony means always having fresh food without having to fear where it comes from.

Intercropping with tomato

Those who want to grow tomatoes in large containers, perhaps sharing the cultivation space with other plants, can respect this association. The tomato can be grown together with carrots, chicory, lettuce, radish and spinach.

Sweet tomato in jar

Little tip forgrow sweet tomatoes and with an unmistakable flavor! If you love small and sweet cherry tomatoes, you can choose the datterino. The datterino plants have fruits with a particularly sweet pulp and an average weight that varies between 10 and 15 grams. As it grows, a tutor will need to be placed to support the position of the plant.

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