Solidarity buying groups, savings are guaranteed

Solidarity buying groups, savings are guaranteed

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From the producer to the consumer, entire families who cut costs and consumption in the commercial chains and buy everything, safeguarding their wallets and the environment. These are the solidarity buying groups. It is an ever growing phenomenon, the need for Save Money and an eco-friendly lifestyle have transformed what was a slender movement into a real trend.

A solidarity buying group (GAS) directs the consumer towards a less critical economy, both in terms of money and the environment. How do you get better prices and fewer emissions? By cutting the commercial chain, the producer will sell directly to the consumer. This means that there will be no aggravation on the initial cost of the product but also means a reduction in polluting emissions given by the vehicles that normally transport the raw material to the various retailers.

A solidarity buying group it is usually made up of entire families that come together, but also of communities born on purpose, which choose their "supplier" following well-considered criteria, first of all is the principle of proximity. To buy basic necessities, but also clothes, accessories and other services, the purchasing group will address the manufacturer - and not the retailer! - nearest to you so as to promote a business a km zero.

When it comes to basic necessities, the solidarity buying group he will be in direct contact with farmers and breeders. This will benefit the local economy of a small town but will increase the awareness of the consumer who will finally know with certainty what he is buying and who is producing what will end up on his table.

As stated, the phenomenon has become a real trend. In Milan alone, i solidarity buying groups (GAS) registered are 170, the figure is only theoretical because being groups that manage themselves, the real number is far greater. Breeders and farmers will be happy to establish direct relationships with the consumer who in turn will be happy to save and eat healthy. Small breeders and farmers are crushed by multinationals, as well as craft shops and every small producer, are all commercial figures bypassed by large shopping centers. THE solidarity buying groups they counteract all this and guarantee a concrete savings economic and resourceful, for higher quality standards or at least that can be touched by hand!

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