Remedies for bad underarm odor

Remedies for bad underarm odor

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Remedies for bad underarm odor: from apple cider vinegar to baking soda, tips and natural solutions to effectively combat bad armpit odor.

It is easy to think that the pungent odor of the armpits is caused by bad personal hygiene, in reality it has more to do with hormonal and glandular factors than with daily personal hygiene. Excessive sweating involves the accumulation of bacteria that produce the bad smell, it is usually annoying and unpleasant both for the person who suffers from it and for those around him.

For those who love natural choices, there are some simple and inexpensive remedies that allow you to eliminate the bad smell without resorting to the classic deodorants that generally contain chemicals.

Useful tips against bad underarm odor

To avoid this inconvenient condition, it is good to respect some recommendations that we will list below

Choose the right product against the armpits

Wash your armpits thoroughly with soap but pay attention to the type of soap you use. There are some soaps with an intense aroma that, instead of leaving a pleasant smell, make you sweat even faster, making the smell unpleasant. For this reason it is better to opt for a neutral soap.

Make sure there is no residue

Be sure to remove deodorant residues from the day before; to remedy this you can prepare a simple remedy. Mix vinegar with alcohol and apply the mixture with a washcloth after a shower. To make it more effective, repeat the treatment before going to bed.

Use baking soda

Those prone to armpit odor can apply a little baking soda powder with cotton wool without removing it. Another trick is to mix a tablespoon of baking soda with the juice of a lemon to apply after washing.

If the sweating is excessive ...

Prepare an infusion with thyme or rosemary leaves and apply the mixture on the armpits. Aloe vera also controls excessive sweating; just apply some gel at night for it to be more effective. Alternatively, it is possible to use tomatoes; just blend it, put it on your armpits and let it act for a few minutes.

When wearing certain clothing

There are some fabrics that facilitate bad odor faster. Avoid very tight clothes because they prevent the skin from breathing properly, avoid synthetic garments and prefer those made with natural fabrics.

Eat well

Not everyone knows that even nutrition has to do with bad armpit odor. For example, if we eat onion, garlic, coffee and alcoholic beverages very often or in excessive quantities, the smell of sweat will be much more pungent.

Shave the armpits

An unshaved armpit can be the cause of bad smell as it facilitates the formation of fungi and bacteria, the main causes of bad smell.

Remedies for bad underarm odor

Thyme and rosemary

The decoction of thyme and rosemary is very effective in controlling hyperhidrosis and the bad odor that it usually accompanies.

  • What we need

-1 bunch of thyme
-1 bunch of rosemary
-2 liters of water

  • How to proceed

1) Heat the water in a pot, when it comes to a boil, add the herbs.

2) Let it boil over low heat for 10 minutes then turn off and wait for it to cool

3) When it is at room temperature, use the decoction on clean armpits with the help of a sponge or cloth.


Corn starch is a valuable ally in controlling excessive sweating and bad odor.

  • What we need

-10 grams of corn starch
-5 grams of sodium bicarbonate

  • How to proceed

1) Mix the two ingredients in a bowl; we will get a powder deodorant

2) Apply the deodorant on clean and dry armpits with the help of a sponge. You can also apply it the night before going to bed: its action will be effective also the next day.