Solar energy generating sets

Solar energy generating sets

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Earthquakes, natural disasters, blackouts? The heat is touching unacceptable peaks, it seems that i climate changes they have really been working in recent times. The global warming it plays a role in all the natural disasters we see.

It is man who causes the global warming and it is man himself who has to strive to adapt to the environment and changes in the Earth. In emergency situations, survival depends on various factors, including access toelectricity. It is with these assumptions that Sun Flare created theSOS In A Box. An emergency box a solar power which provides instant systems of electricity generators, ready for use in any conditions.

The emergency kit it is mainly composed of three units, a backup generator, flexible and highly efficient solar panels and a charge controller. Every photovoltaic panel it can produce up to 75 watts of electricity for a total power of 800-2500 watts.

The emergency kit Solar powered, it can power low voltage LED bulbs, cell phone batteries, radios and other emergency accessories that can be plugged into a 12 volt outlet. In addition, it has an external 110/120 Volt 60 Hz A / C socket and a car adapter. The whole is completely waterproof.

The manufacturing company claims that theSOS In A Box, in addition to operating without wires and freeing the user from the costs of fossil fuels, it is among the few backup generators which can be used safely both inside a house and in a temporary shelter.

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