How to get rid of mold from walls

How to get rid of mold from walls

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There mold it is a problem that afflicts many people, initially it manifests itself with small black dots, then it turns into compact dark spots, causing also the flaking of paints and plasters. The mold stains they are formed mainly in the corners between the ceiling and the wall, due to the humidity present in the environment which condenses in the coldest part of the room. In this regard we will see how to get rid of mold from walls following some useful indications.

How to get rid of mold from walls with bleach
The remedy most used to eliminate mold from the walls is the use of bleach: just spray directly on the stains and rub with a clean cloth. This intervention is effective on walls with white or light colors, less so on colored walls as the parts could almost certainly take on a lighter shade.
In case of a lot of mold, several passes are required: the first pass will remove the superficial part of mold. In this regard, it will be necessary to turn the cloth over for the subsequent passes, in order to increase the cleaning power by reducing the passes to a minimum.

ATTENTION: during the operation, limit the rubbing action as it could remove the paint from the wall. Also do not forget that this is a harmful method because the residues are breathed in for a long period of time by the inhabitants of the house.

How to get rid of mold from walls, natural remedies
If we want to use a less invasive remedy against mold from walls and ceilings, we can use oxygen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), soda, ethyl alcohol, vinegar, lemon.
For example, just spray white vinegar directly on the walls and rub with a clean cloth: it is able to remove about 80% of the spores. In case of particularly stubborn mold, you can prepare a compound based on grapefruit seed extract: it is easily available in specialized shops. 20 drops of extract are enough, a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in two cups full of water. Also in this case apply directly on the walls, leave to act for about 5 minutes then rinse with warm water with the addition of vinegar.

How to get rid of mold from walls, useful tips

  • Make sure that the temperature difference between the various rooms never exceeds 3 degrees:
  • Ventilate whenever possible to remove condensation
  • Do not dry clothes in the apartment
  • Fit extractor hoods for the kitchens and fans in the bathroom
  • Do not overdo it with houseplants

ATTENTION: limit the rubbing action, to avoid a dispersion of the spores that would take root elsewhere, eventually enlarging the mold spots.

Products that eliminate mold and prevent its reappearance

In addition to the natural remedies described in this article, it is possibleeliminate mold from the wallsusing ready-to-use sprays capable of eliminating mold stains and preventing their reappearance. Among the most effective products we point out:

Eliminate mold spray - 1 liter bottle

Just repeat the application 2-3 times within half an hour to see the wall free from mold stains and to its former glory. Between one coat and the next, the product must be allowed to act for about 10 minutes.

The large one-liter pack can be bought on Amazon at a price of 12.39 euros including shipping costs.

Ariasana Smuffer - 500 ml bottle

This anti-mold liquid has a light lemon scent. It is able to eliminate mold in a few minutes, it is also effective against algae, mosses and other microorganisms that propagate with spores. Excellent for removing the black mold from the shower seal and tile grout.

The 500 ml pack can be bought for 17.18 euros on Amazon, the price includes the costs for home delivery.