When to harvest blackberries

When to harvest blackberries

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When to pick blackberries: the best time to harvest blackberries, how to tell when they are ripe at the right point and information on the cultivation of blackberry thornless.

Inbramble of blackberries without thorns, the flower buds develop from mixed buds, which means that the blackberriesthey develop from both flower buds and wood buds. An average of 50 - 60 days pass from flowering to fruit appearing.

When to harvest blackberries

Blackberries, both if it comes tobramble of thornsboth if we talk aboutbramble without thorns, should be harvested in summer, roughly in July.

Who gets the chance, before you startpick blackberrieslife could be made easier by carrying out a green pruning that aims to thin out the rows, improve ventilation and, in fact, facilitate harvesting. For the green pruning of bramble of blackberriesit is recommended to thin out the shoots developed from the strain in the previous spring months and to reduce their length.

When to harvest blackberries?
When the berry has a uniform purple-blue color and the detachment of the fruit occurs easily.

The harvest is carried out in July and only when the fruits are easily removed from the receptacle. We recommendpick blackberries(you hatego to more) in dry weather conditions (away from rains) and when the fruits are not moistened by dew.

Theblackberriesthey must be collected without compressing them and placed delicately in ad hoc containers. During the harvest it is advisable to keep theblackberriesin the shade and in a sheltered place. Theblackberriesthey can be stored in a cool, slightly ventilated place for up to 3 - 4 days. Who wantspreserve the blackberriesin the fridge, on the other hand, it can be extended for about fifteen days.

To extend the storage time of the fruit it is recommended topick blackberrieswith the entire glass, of course, this practice will be more demanding but will allow you to maintain the aesthetic characteristics of the fruit for longer so as to extend its conservation.

The blackberriesthey should not be harvested in excessively humid moments of the day, following rain or when the fruits are excessively ripe.

The maturation ofblackberrieshappens gradually, so we recommendpick blackberriesevery 3-4 days.

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