How to grow cucumber

How to grow cucumber

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How to grow cucumber: sowing, planting and all information on cucumber cultivation. From crop care to advice for greater plant productivity.

Thecucumberloves the heat and the ideal exposure for cultivation is in full sun. To understand when to grow cucumber, keep an eye on the mercury column: the ideal temperature sees a daytime average between 15 - 18 ° C and a night average of no less than 13 ° C.

That said, the best time to go grow cucumber runs from May to June. In this period it is possible to continue sowing in the open field or directly to transplanting in case of early sowing in a protected environment in April.

Key concepts:

  • Sowing of cucumber: March-April in a protected environment.
  • Sowing of cucumber: May-June in the open field.
  • Planting of the cucumber: May June
  • Cucumber exposure: full sun

How to grow cucumber, the preliminary work
Before sowing or planting in the open field, it will be necessary to prepare the soil for the garden. Sowing must be carried out after coarsely chopping the clods up to a depth of 10 - 15 cm. The sowing of the cucumber, as well as the planting of the seedlings, is carried out in rows at a distance of 30 - 40 cm from each other.

Sown in excess: when the seedlings have 1-2 true leaves, eliminate the less vigorous cucumber seedlings and continue the cultivation of the more robust ones. Pay attention to infested grasses, indeed, to remedy the "weeds" problem, it is advisable to prepare a layer of mulch. Theremulchit is also recommended in case of planting adult seedlings.

Tip # 1:if you have started the cultivation through the seedlings and there are daring drops in temperature, prepare non-woven fabric on the flowerbeds, especially at night. Remove the fleece of non-woven fabric as soon as temperatures do not reach the averages indicated above.

Tip # 2:if you have not set up thepackaging, remove the weeds with your hands. Use a small hoe only when the seedlings ofcucumberthey will be quite developed. When using the hoe, be careful not to damage the surface roots of the plants.

Tip # 3:to increase the harvest, during the development of the plant, remove any lateral shoots that form near the axils of the leaves on the first 40 - 50 cm of the stem. You just need to cut the shoots that grow in correspondence to the leaves, a practice defined with the name ofcucumber checkering. During checkering, always in order to promote productivity and optimal development, also remove the first 3 - 4 cucumbers present in the lower part of the stem.

How to water cucumber
The cucumber will be productive throughout the summer. In the warmer months, cucumber plants will need to be watered daily, avoiding alternating periods of strong irrigation with periods of drought.

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