Water in the garden, how much do you need?

Water in the garden, how much do you need?

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With the arrival of the hot season, the problem of giving arises water in the garden and in the vegetable garden, ensuring the right water supply to the lawn and each plant.

The problem is that often of water in the garden or there is none in the garden, in the sense that there are no nearby sources, and here things get complicated because we have to bring the water to us with irrigation systems or tanks. And then the question arises: di how much water in the garden do you need?

To get an idea of ​​the water needs of your garden and vegetable garden, refer to the information below, then you will study the most convenient way of supplying. You will immediately realize that to cultivate water you need a lot of it, but rainfall and stop watering in the cold season must also be considered.

  • To the meadow about 4-6 liters of water are needed per day for each square meter. During the winter, watering is suspended and in spring-autumn the rains help, but before rainfall, consider that this is the necessary water.
  • For the trees It depends. The broad-leaved trees planted during the year need 40-60 liters every two days for each plant, then adjust as for the lawn. For tropical species, the quantity rises to 60-80 liters every two days per plant, and even afterwards it is a little above the needs of the lawn. Conifers need 40-60 liters of water every two days per plant, but only in the first two years because they then provide for themselves.
  • For the shrubs (bush roses, hawthorn, viburnum, elderberry ...) 8-16 liters plant / day are to be expected in the case of the first plants, double for the already developed specimens. For the hedges: 4 liters per day per linear meter to young hedges, double that of empty ones.
  • At fruit plants about 60 liters of water per plant are needed every two days in an orchard where one sixth of the plant has been calculated for each tree, it is about 16 square meters.
  • To cultivate a vegetable garden about 3 liters of water are needed per day for every square meter. Not all vegetables have the same water needs, but this is the average.

Water in the garden, how to get it?

Where there is a connection tap not too far away it can be taken water in the garden with the classic rubber tube. However, keep in mind that sprinkler irrigation is the most expensive and least useful to plants (some just can't stand water on the leaves) and that the ideal water is that at room temperature.

The best irrigation system is the 'drip' one, which reaches the water directly to the roots in moderate quantities and, thanks to the siphon delivery, does not cause thermal shock. You need an attachment point not too far away, a perforated tube (dripline), a tube end cap and a dispensing programmer that are easily purchased:

100 MT TUBE 16mm / Double hole dripline

End cap 16 mm

Water dispensing programmer

To limit water consumption and where there is no nearby attack, rainwater can instead be collected in capacious tanks. You can use recovery drums or you can get something more functional which in the case can be connected to a downspout to collect the water from the roof:

200 liter rainwater container

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