How to get fat

How to get fat

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The extra pounds represent an aggravating factor for both physical and psychological health, the speech does not change for the missing pounds. If you are too thin and puny you will certainly not look healthy, beautiful and fit. It is in this regard that we offer you the guide "how to get fat"Where weight gain will not be given by fat but by muscle mass.

It is important to understand that weight loss does not always correspond to correct weight loss, as doesgain weight it doesn't necessarily mean putting on fat mass. It is important to reach and maintain your weight, so if you are below your standard, it is important that you take action to increase your body mass.

How to get fat? " perhaps it is the wrong question, rather it should be asked how to gain weight putting on muscle mass. It is important to know that the muscle mass has a high specific weight. So a person who weighs 80 kg can look drier and healthier than one who weighs 70 and has the same height.

Therefore "how to get fat? ". There are several methods for increase body mass. The best is by stimulating and increasing the muscle mass. To get this result you should follow a diet high protein regime, associated with targeted physical activity.

The largest protein reserve found in the Mediterranean diet is given by meat. The importance of carbohydrates should not be underestimated: they constitute energy ready for use and therefore of vital importance if you want to tackle physical activity. Exercises for increase muscle mass and therefore that guarantee a weight gain, for the first time, they can be associated with the use of hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic drinks, very popular among athletes, especially to ensure a correct intake of sugar, mineral salts and to hydrate the body.

How to get in?”By maintaining the right caloric intake, by consuming at least 50% of carbohydrates, 30% of proteins and 20% of lipids with one's diet. Protein consumption can be increased on exercise days. It is true that thephysical activity it burns calories but it is also true that it increases muscle mass, so with a correct calorie intake, physical activity will have an exclusively beneficial effect.

Caution: cases of underweight could be related to dysmetabolic diseases, food intolerances, psychological problems, gastrointestinal problems ... therefore, before following any diet to gain weight it is important to consult a doctor to rule out the presence of pathologies.

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