Ikigai: meaning, book and phrases

Ikigai: meaning, book and phrases

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Ikigai, from Japan, a word for the concept of meaning of life with an implicit but very clear invitation to go and look for it within us. In Japanese it is all in one understood term but we would need an infinite number of words to describe what lies behind it. Let's start with a dense article of phrases, considerations and stories, and then close in on ourselves with the phrases of the test, in search of a meaning, of our meaning of life, of ikigai

Ikigai: book

We are not alone in this research, we can be guided comfortably by a good book published by Giunti and which is having a lot of success as you can imagine. Is titled "The Japanese method. Finding the meaning of life to be happy ”and she wrote it Bettina Lemke, the cover is very inspiring and the content is too, I can assure you.

Page after page is in fact explained to us in a rather concrete way to be an essay for everyone, what it means to look for a meaning for our existence. There is a method that can be adopted, I don't know, it proceeds groping in the dark but with small precise steps in our daily life full of opportunities to understand where we are really going. Find your own ikigai means finding one's reason for living, from that moment on it's a whole other thing and every day is a life to be lived intensely.

There is no simple translation of the word into Western languages ikigai, it translates as "the reason for existing", "the engine of life", "engine" it performs better because it is something that leads to action and not to contemplation. According to what we read in the book discover ikigai not only does it make you live better but it makes you live longer, the author reports real examples and teaches us to pay attention to what gives us energy, curiosity, positivity, personal fulfillment, self-confidence, planning. In other words, what we need it to be happy. Have you ever really wondered? And what did you answer?

Ikigai: meaning

L'ikigai (生 き 甲 斐) is the Japanese equivalent of Italian expressions such as "Reason for living", "reason for being". It is not a concept without roots in reality, we must think of it as those who live in the Okinawa area think it, or as that "reason to wake up in the morning", there are also those who make the same the ikigai with the person you are deeply in love with, but in truth it is a somewhat restrictive use of the term.

According to the Japanese, everyone has their own reason for existing, it's just a matter of looking for it. The term does not have a positive meaning at all costs, because there are some wishes in which those who are stubborn to follow your ikigai he can also exaggerate and behave selfishly, blinded by the goal, consuming himself to the point of degradation.

Ikigai: phrases

Let's see some phrases that describe what the meaning of life and where we might look for it.

Apart from humans, all animals know that the main purpose of life is to enjoy it. (Samuel Butler)
Love life more than its logic, only then will you understand its meaning. (Fyodor Dostoevsky)
To be what we are, to become what we are capable of becoming, this is the only purpose of life. (Robert Louis Stevenson)
Sacrifice is the essence of life, the door to understand its meaning. (Roberto Baggio)

Those who are fond of phrases and quotes can also find interesting ones on the kindness, on resentment is on nostalgia.

Ikigai: tattoo

When find your ikigai it can also be tattooed on us, no one prevents us, indeed, it is up to us, in truth, the important thing is not to forget it also to learn to give the right priorities to the things and people that animate our days.

Ikigai: test

There is no right or wrong answer, there is no one who wins or who loses, there is no single answer and no one better than another. We need to find an answer to this test and the one who finds it and knows how to manage it wins. The fact is that ikigai tells us the meaning of life but it is not so easy in everyday life to keep this in mind without getting distracted. Let's see the test that the Japanese offer us and try to answer it, I anticipate that you can give the same answer to more questions but if the answers are different, the real test consists in then find the right way to respect everything that animates us for better or for worse.

Here are the test questions. The first is "What is your passion?": We must go in search of what stimulates us to live, to get up in the morning, the subject (or object) that is the real" motivator "of our existence. It is therefore necessary to understand without being influenced by anything or anyone, what I really like. The second question relates to our capabilities: "What are we good at?". We therefore go in search of our own vocation and it does not always coincide with what we love to do, if it coincides we are lucky and we are well advanced in the search for the meaning of life.

With the third question we find ourselves wondering "What does the world want from us?" or to think about what our true mission or task that we have on earth could be, the one for which we are useful in general, not only for ourselves. Last question before the final sum, it is very practical: "What can you make a living with?“Because once you have found the meaning of life you still need to be able to live and to keep us alive.

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