Manual lymphatic drainage of the legs and face

Manual lymphatic drainage of the legs and face

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The manual lymphatic drainage it is a massage technique not one of the most famous but certainly one of the most useful. Trust me, maybe it is not described as one of the most fascinating, scenic and relaxing but it does a very precious action for our health. It can be done both on the face only, including part of the scalp, and on the body, especially on the legs, one of the areas where it is most requested. Let's go together to find out what the manual lymphatic drainage and what benefits can be gained and then feel free to try a session. The cost is not exaggerated and it is a investment in our health.

Manual lymphatic drainage

When we talk about manual lymphatic drainage we intend to indicate a specific massage technique that has been specially developed to drain the lymph present in the lymphatic circulation of the organism. What is this sap?

It is not an alternative way of calling blood, it is really something different but there is a connection with blood. Lymph is a liquid deriving from an ultrafiltrate of the plasma, its circulation in the body occurs through lymphatic vessels just like that of blood occurs via blood vessels, The vessels involved do not coincide but we can safely say that the blood and lymphatic circulation are closely interconnected.

The blood carries the nutritional properties and oxygen through the arterial circulation, making them reach the tissue cells. In these cells metabolic processes take place as a result of which they are released into the venous circulation of waste items. We can estimate that about 10% of this waste goes to the interstitial fluid which would then be the lymph we have talked about so far. In it we therefore find these wastes together with proteins and nutritional elements and it is precisely the lymphatic system which has the task of bringing these elements back into the venous circulation and disposing of what has not been metabolized in the tissue cells.

The mechanism is not so obvious to understand if you are not a doctor but the thing to remember is that proper lymphatic circulation is just as important as proper venous circulation. So the lymphatic drainage it is not just a pleasure massage, it plays an important role in our general well-being.

Lymphatic drainage: massages

There are several methods of lymphatic drainage, many ways to perform this massage, we focus on the most famous which is the one it takes its name from Dr. Vodder, a doctor who together with his wife developed a treatment protocol several years ago. In this document, therefore, you will find very precise guidelines, specific indications for effective drainage the lymph in various parts of the body.

In the case of this method of lymphatic drainage manual which follows the protocol drawn up by Vodder, considered the original one, light touches on the skin are needed to facilitate lymph circulation. They must be carried out in a centripetal direction, from the periphery towards the center of the trunk, this for a specific reason, to help the lymph in its path. The lymphatic drainage done at Vodder must be concluded with a series of pumping and emptying on the areas where the lymph is collected.

Leg lymphatic drainage

There are several effects that can be observed when making a leg massage of this type, the consequences are observable both medically and aesthetically. For this to happen, it is very important that the massage is performed by a trained and certified operator. This technique cannot be improvised.

The main effects of the manual lymphatic drainage the legs are numerous, let's see the main ones. It has a anti-edematous effect, i.e. it acts on swelling, stagnation and cellulite, furthermore this massage is perfect for the treatment of joint and extra-joint rheumatic disorders. In addition to having a healing effect the lymphatic drainage goes to improve the microcirculation, promoting greater tissue oxygenation and visibly improving the tone and general appearance of the skin.

We do not neglect the relaxing effect of this massage as it is a technique that prescribes rhythmic and light movements. It goes without saying that the lymphatic drainage it is considered by many to be a regenerating practice and can also be applied as a treatment for skin diseases.

Lymphatic drainage: costs

It depends a lot on the area of ​​the body, on the area you live in and on the quality of the specialist you are going to involve, on which I would not spare, but a session of manual lymphatic drainage can cost from 50 euros upwards per session. There are also often offers to try it out or perhaps sessions packages that can be savings opportunities. Usually the lymphatic drainage legs and face they have slightly different costs.

Facial lymphatic drainage

The benefits we have seen for the legs also apply to the face and in this case we can focus on some other effects of lymphatic drainage which may be more "suitable" for the face. With this massage, for example, local immunity can be improved. Let's take as an example a person suffering from acne: could really see some great strides in treating this disorder. The same applies to small wounds or post-operative wounds not in the acute phase, or in cases of edema of pregnancy, edema in premenstrual syndrome, postoperative and traumatic edema.

On the legs as on the face the lymphatic drainage leads to improvements in the microcirculation and favors the oxygenation of the tissues, it goes without saying that the skin tone changes for the better and in general the appearance of the skin, Even carried out on the face, a rhythmic and light massage is undoubtedly very relaxing and regenerating, I am sure that on this no one will have to object. Another technique that may interest you to treat the face is that ofself-massage

Lymphatic drainage: contraindications

We have seen the benefits but we must not forget that there are cases where the manual lymphatic drainage it is not the solution but it can create problems for those who undergo it. Let's see to which subjects it is not recommended. Who is affected by acute infections, eczema and skin blemishes, for example, or to those with malignant tumors, heart failure, kidney failure, hyperthyroidism, bronchial asthma and acute asthmatic bronchitis, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, hypotension. In reverse it is highly recommended for those suffering from chronic constipation but if you have menstrual problems it is best to avoid.

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