Stains of faded color: how to eliminate them

Stains of faded color: how to eliminate them

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The spots of faded color they are as unwelcome as the touch of color in a work of art or on a child's drawing is welcome. Yet we have to deal with them and often we find them on our clothes, we stare at them and we wonder how to remove them without "torturing" the fabrics and shredding them. Let's see various solutions, some more suitable for delicate fabrics, others more "violent" which are reserved for jeans and other similar materials.

Stains of faded color: how to eliminate them

The first step in eliminating spots of faded color is to start thinking that they can be eliminated, so let's not despair. Whether they are felt-tip pen or gouache, or pastel or grass, all these stains resist classic washing and want a dedicated and special wash to get away from our garments. If we know how to treat them, we will be able to hunt them down without ruining anything.

If we happened to throw a sweater or a pair of pants because they had appeared on it spots of faded color from other clothes, from the prints of accessories such as bags or from wrong "brushstrokes" of tempera, here are some tips not to replicate.

All the stains of faded color can be eliminated, so let's not throw anything away before having made at least three attempts with the methods we are suggesting. At least three. You will see that the stains of faded color will remain nice to you and will make you smile, knowing that they do not condemn the dress affected by the color to an untimely death.

Stains of faded color on colored garments

Let's focus on spots of faded color made with tempera, perhaps on a dress of a child or a painter of an indefinite age from 0 to 99 years. In this case we can use dish detergent, preferably lemon, because it is more acidic. Or take a neutral one and add it to it drops of lemon juice at a later time.

We take the already dry stain and pre-treat the fabric with dish soap sprinkling the affected area. Then we can immerse the entire garment in a basin of water at room temperature, dissolving some detergent and leaving everything to soak for about an hour. We remove and rinse and observe the result. This method is strongly recommended for tempera colors but also no, in general for the “child's drawing” stains. Dishwashing detergent turns out to be magical because it is suitable for dissolving fats and there are many in tempera colors.

Stains of faded color on clothes

Whether in tempera color or not, the spots of faded color on clothes they are very annoying, so here are some other methods to try. For example, we can prepare a solution of cold water and ammonia, in the proportion of six parts of water and one of ammonia.

There presence of ammonia will have alarmed us, actually this is a method suitable for not too delicate fabrics such as jeans or certain types of wool and is able to treat stubborn dirt even different from stains of faded color, for example mud or even sweat marks. In our solution, let's dip a rag and scrub the pair of jeans until we see the colored stain disappear completely. You can also try the variant with vinegar instead of ammonia if we are afraid of ruining the material, but it is less "strong".

Stains of faded color: natural remedies

There are others natural remedies, style those of the grandmother, to deal with stains of faded color on clothes, especially if they are delicate and not resistant like jeans or wool. We can try for example with a mix of cold milk and lemon, a detergent also suitable for linen. Just immerse the garment in a basin of milk for at least half an hour and then rub it gently with a rag that we have previously soaked in lemon juice. We can also do more passes, if needed, until the color disappears, without fear of ruining anything. At the end we rinse and we wash in the washing machine, as if nothing had happened.

Another option is the one based on Marseille soap. In this case, boiling water is taken and the soap is boiled inside, then the liquid is poured into a basin where the stained garment is immersed. After about an hour we observe the result and if we are not satisfied we can repeat the wash without problems, because the fabrics will never be damaged by pure and simple Marseille soap.

If you already want to try this last remedy I recommend the Marseille soap quality to buy online in case you are not planning a trip to France. Tested in person I suggest trying the soap Winni's, without phosphates but only natural solvents without allergens and fragrances, with lemon balm oil and no ingredients of animal origin. 250 grams for less than 8 euros.

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