How to protect your dog from the sun and heat

How to protect your dog from the sun and heat

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How to protect your dog from the sun and heat: good rules and tips to help dogs and cats survive the sun and summer heat.

Protect the dog from heat and sunwill help you ward off a terrible heat stroke.

Heatstroke, for dogs or cats, is as real a danger as it is for us humans. The tips that I will give you in this article you can apply them both for the care of a dog and to protect the cat from heat and sun.

The dogs most at risk

Each breed has its own tolerance to heat. In addition, depending on the history of each dog, different reactions can occur.

Some dogs do not suffer from heat at all, but others may suffer from various symptoms. To understand if he is suffering from the heat, observe your dog and see if:

  • he has lost his appetite and eats less
  • is less active than usual
  • has lost weight
  • sleeps more than usual
  • have breathing difficulties

THEdogsThe brachycephalic breeds, that is, those with short snouts and large heads such as the boxer, bulldog, pug or pekingese, suffer the most from the heat. These dogs may experience breathing difficulties and need moreheat protectionand fromSunduring the summer period.

Other dogs at risk of heatstroke include those with heart problems, older dogs, puppies and dogs that are obese or overweight.

In case of heatstroke, the dog will have a fast heart rate, difficulty walking and in the worst cases seizures and collapse. It is for this reason that you should protect your dog from the sun and heat.

How to protect your dog from the heat

Here is a lineup of tips that will be useful for youdefend the dog from the heatsummer.

Protect the dog from the heat in the car
If you are transporting your dog in a car, do not overdo the air conditioning to avoid causing thermal shocks. The dog needs frequent stops to drink, cool off and stretch his bones. Never leave the dog locked in the car, even if you park in the shade or have the windows partially rolled down. Take it with you!

Walking the dog in very hot weather
Try to choose the coolest moments of the day and ... avoid the journey on the asphalt! The asphalt floor is hot and retains heat, the dog can suffer because in addition to going "barefoot" it is also lower than you and can overheat easily.

Go ahead for walks on the lawn in the coolest hours. Older dogs should not be taken for a walk except in cool and well-shaded areas (short walks).

Protect the dog from the heat in the garden
The dog kennel in the garden should be made with an insulated roof to protect the dog from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer. In the garden, make sure the kennel is placed in a shady area.

You can cool the dog's belly, neck, inner thigh and armpits with a "water spray" (a spray bottle). My little dog (a small white hairy mestizo, very sensitive to the sun) appreciates it very much and has fun!

How to protect your dog from the sun

If you take your dog with you when the sun is high and there is no shelter, you better protect him from the sun.

Do you know that there are sunscreens for dogs? You will need to apply them paying particular attention to the face and ears.

The dogs most at risk of sunburn are those with white coats or pink skin. To protect your dog from the sun, you should avoid summer shearing.

Sun creams for dogs and cats

As happens for us humans, even for dogs it is necessary to use sunscreen with protective action. Among the various products on the market, I would like to point out two, with an excellent quality / price ratio. A first product is for dark dogs and one for more sensitive dogs (with white coats and pink skin). Personally I only tried the one for white dogs (which is also suitable for cats) and I must say that it has an unusual smell for being a sunscreen but… it is suitable for our four-legged friends!

Dermoscent, protective cream for dogs and cats
Price: 25,62 euros with shipping costs included in the price.
SPF 30+, therefore suitable for dogs with white coats or puppies. It has a moisturizing action, it is not greasy and is water resistant.

You will only have to apply it where the hair area is thinnest, I generally focus on the muzzle and ears.

Sunmist, protective cream for dogs
Price: 12.01 euros with shipping costs included in the price.
SPF 15, is suitable for brown-haired dogs, dark dogs. It is a spray therefore easier to apply. For application on the face, from experience I recommend that you spray a little in your hand and then pass it on the dog's nose.

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