Sea cucumber: recipes

Sea cucumber: recipes

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Olsea ​​oturia, an animal in danger, there are 377 species and to date 16 are considered at risk of extinction by the IUCN Red List. Are the sea ​​cucumbers, in our seas there are even if they prefer oceans, in the East they are a very ingredient sought after and expensive. And if we continue like this it will be increasingly rare.

Sea cucumber

Holothurias, Holothuroidea, are sea cucumbers, a nickname linked to their shape that reminds many of the cucumber. It is only a similarity, because thesea ​​cucumber is in effect an animal, belongs to the class of echinoderms, invertebrate with one skeleton formed by thorny calcareous plates, like the starfish and the sea urchin.

For the seabed "crawl" e they feed on organic particles mixed in the mud, we can find them in all seas but the favorites of these creatures are the temperate and tropical ones. A peculiarity of sea cucumbers is theirs the ability to expel the intestine and aquifer lungs and then regenerate them is certainly not for everyone.

Sea cucumber: recipes

There are some species of sea cucumbers that are not only edible, but also much appreciated and used especially in the Eastern tradition. These are varieties of the Holoturia edulis species, a species typical of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and which can be found in dishes, especially in Japan where they are called namako.

In other countries we find them with other names: in Indonesia as tripang, gamat or balatan and in China like trepang. In most recipes, this ingredient is added dried, or it can be eaten fresh and raw like sushi, or in soups and stews along with Chinese mushrooms and cabbage. More rarely, sea cucumbers also come smoked or fried.

Sea cucumber: price

Being considered delicacies, these creatures cost a lot, especially in places where they are eaten frequently: in the East. Let's consider that in China their price fluctuates between 10 and 600 dollars per kilo, with peaks of 3 thousand euros per kg, for particularly valuable species. Also in the Mediterranean they are fished for food but certainly this activity it is concentrated in the waters of the Far East, in the Indian Ocean and in the Pacific.

Sea cucumber: biodiversity

They not only play a role in the dish and in the menus of oriental kitchens but also in the ecosystem. Here the sea cucumbers are very important in recycling the nutrients they can they go to feed algae and corals. The sea cucumber can be seen as one scavenger of the sea.

Sea cucumber: protected species

The "hunting" for food and the degradation of the environment, also due to plastic in the sea, are endangering certain varieties of sea cucumbers, 16 of the 377 known species, according to the Iucn. If not for the sake of sea ​​cucumbers, let's do it for the sake of our seas because they are filtering organisms and capable of absorbing viruses, bacteria, algal biotoxins and heavy metals.

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