How to choose a fishing rod

How to choose a fishing rod

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How to choose a fishing rod:tips forbuy a fishing rodgood without spending a fortune!

If you are a beginner, I recommend that you read the articleHow to cast with a fishing rod, already in this guide you will understand that it is not only thefishing polein itself to be an object of fishing, but great importance is also given to the line itself, to the hooks, to the baits and to the float / lead union. In the guide onhow it launchesI mainly focused on the choice of line, recommending the purchase of onefishing polemultipurpose in carbon fiber. Today I will focus only ontips for buying a good fishing rodand that can be for you.

How to buy a fishing rod

On the market you findfishing rodsof two materials:

  • glass fiber
  • carbon fiber

Considering the affordable prices, you can go for carbon fiber even if you are a beginner. Carbon fiber is generally considered a material forprofessional fishing rods, but in reality nothing prevents you from choosing a good fishing rod in this material without spending too much (excellent models can also be found for 40 euros). Therecarbon fiber fishing rodit is considered "more professional" because they allow a more precise cast ... but in reality the difference is made by the skill of the fisherman;) I recommend this material simply for its greater lightness, an equal resistance to fiberglass but superior handling, which is also useful for the grip and launch! Fiberglass fishing rods are also good, they are more elastic when pulling prey and are cheaper.

To get started, I recommend one good fishing rod multipurpose in carbon fiber. Are there multipurpose fishing rods? More or less, there are fishing rods that can be "adapted" to different types of fishing.

The so-called Bolognese fishing rodit is an excellent starting point because among its advantages it includes a marked practicality (the Bolognese fishing rod is "telescopic"); on the other hand, there is the "fixed rod", also known as the Florentine fishing rod.

How to choose the length of the fishing rod

Forchoose the fishing rodyou should have in mind what you want to fish, but generally those who are beginners do not have clear ideas about the prey. They will tell you that for small fish you need a short, slow-acting rod. They will tell you that for large fish you need a rod of long dimensions and with more rigid and rapid movements ... If you have clear ideas, choose the length of the fishing rod according to your prey. If, on the other hand, you are a budding fisherman and you are satisfied with any prey, choose a medium length rod that is versatile and that with the right line will not leave you if, by chance, you manage to peck a large fish!

To start, a good middle ground is onefishing polefrom 4 meters which, if chosen "Bolognese" can give a footprint of only 90 cm at the time of transport.

Does four meters seem too much for your first fishing rod? In this case, if you want to go down in length and are happy with shorter casts (therefore less suitable if you want to go fishing on the beach too) you can choose a rod of 2.5 m.

Best fishing rod

Come onadviceseen so far, you will have understood that there is absolutely no onebest fishing rod. It all depends on the type of fishing you intend to do and the prey you want to catch, but if you're just starting now, an excellent starting point is (in my opinion):

  • carbon fiber fishing rod
  • Bolognese fishing rod
  • fishing rod length 3.6 - 4.5 meters

If you choose a fiberglass fishing rod, you can go down with the length because the body will be heavier and less manageable but certainly the price will be cheaper.

Which fishing rod to choose? Without being influenced by brands, you can take a look at "this Amazon page" where fishing rods of about 4 meters are proposed, Bolognese model (therefore telescopic) and in carbon fiber. Read the reviews of users who have already tried it before choosing, so you know if the fishing rod will meet your expectations. Also on Amazon there is no shortage of very cheap reel kits.

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